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This is where all of our news and announcements can be found which is posted on our social media sites. Don't worry though as its posted on here first so you cannot get any fresher than this! We never delete or replace this content on here so you can be sure to check everything from the day we first introduced this section.

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Jan 10th Another year, Another lockdown!

Here at DanumHost we understand the lockdown can affect and harm your business! If you have an online website that needs a little TLC or even an online store adding or creating a new site with a store for you then we are here to help you from the start to the end. If you are a new customer we will even include your new hosting and domain name to ... Read More »

Dec 26th 2021 is just around the corner!

As we know this year has not been good for anyone. Here at DanumHost we have decided that during January we are offering to do free health checks on your WordPress website hosted with us to make all our customers aware of any vulnerabilities. You will then have an option to fix these yourselves or allow one of our specialists to fix and amend any ... Read More »