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If you choose the Personal Package this is designed for smaller sites with room to grow for the individual or small company.

Don't worry, just because its a "smaller account" you will still be able to upgrade to our Ultimate package in the future if needed without losing any data or progress to your current site.

Below are package details with more information to explain what you will get;

  • 10GB Storage - This is the total amount of space available to you, this includes emails and site content and any backups you have chosen to do.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth - We don't want to punish people or companies for having a busy and successful site so we allow unlimited visits, uploads and downloads to your site which not many other providers can do.
  • 2 FTP Account - This is so you can upload and download to your site directories should not choose not to use one of our pre-installed websites (normally quicker and easier to set up and get running). Pre-installed sites means its a standard version which is fully up-to-date ready for your set-up information to be added.
  • 30 Email Address's - We believe this is a good starter to have 10 email address linked to your chosen domain as this has a limit of 5GB which can hold around 20,000 text email depending on content of the email.
  • 5GB Email Inbox - We believe 5GB  is a good starting point as you can have between 1000 - 50,000+ emails in your inbox depending on the content you send and receive.
  • Unlimited Database's - 5 database's is decent for hosting several sites or sites which require several databases.
  • Unlimited Sub-Domain's - 5 sub-domain's is good enough to begin experimenting with a few sites if your just learning or you can us this feature to section off different parts of your site. There are no restrictions on what you can have in a sub-domain although the above sections are across your whole account which includes this area too.
  • Unlimited Add-on Domains - you can host a few sites so why not have 1 domain for your main site and then add an additional 2 so you can have 3 sites running from this package.
  • Free SSL Certificate - This removes the security warning from web browsers when they access the secure section of your website (https://). This automatically activates around 5 minute after the account is created and around 5 minutes after any sub-domain has been created. This is a self signed certificate.

Should you require any more information please feel free to open a ticket and ask one of our friendly advisers any question you feel has not been covered.

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