Why should I use DanumHost for my domain name?

Using DanumHost for registering your domain name makes it easy for you to manage your hosting and domain name all in 1 place. This also increases your website loading speed slightly especially if your domain is hosted with a slower host in a different country.

If you register your domain else where you will have to then point your domain to our name servers which some companies can make difficult to do.

With DanumHost should you want to point your domain elsewhere later on down the line then you can do this with no issues as we try to make everything as easy as possible and for a more enjoyable experience for our customers.

If you only want a domain name and no other service from us that is fine as we support this also and you can also add additional services later on to your domain name. You will notice that when you purchase your domain we will add a small hosting feature to your account free of charge as many users prefer to use cPanel to manage their domain records.

There is no limit on the amount of domain names you can have stored with us as we have not set this to unlimited.

If you would like more information on domain names then feel free to contact us.

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