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  • Device Protection & Maintenance

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    • Keep your computers running as efficiently, quickly, and as secure as they can be by letting us keep them up to date with all security patches installed as they are released and fully updated with the latest releases of their operating systems. The great news is that once you are setup and running the user of your device only needs to do their normal daily tasks and if they are connected to the internet then we can do the work in the background increasing your workforce's productivity, saving you money and getting the most out of your business.

      Pricing is per device.

      If you have more than 10 devices you would like to enrol please Contact us before payment as you will be eligible for 33% discount from device 11 onwards!
Included With Every Plan
  • Easy Setup!
  • Cyber Essentials+ Ready
  • Full System Hardening
  • OS Updates included
  • Security Patches Applied
  • Windows Compatible
  • MAC Compatible
  • No input from user required once setup
  • Device Optimisation
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